Babes in the Jungle

Camilla Dallerup, blonde ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ star has quit the programme ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ after just 3 days in the Australian jungle.

The series has been running successfully years, and we’ve seen some gorgeous bikini clad girls appearing in the past; one of the most famous stories to come from the show was the blossoming romance between Katie Price, aka glamour model Jordan, and singer Peter Andre. After flirting on national television, they went on to marry, have two children together, air a series following their lives and then more recently. a divorce. In an interesting twist to the show, Katie has returned to the jungle to participate again. Peter was lined up to do a slot as a presenter, but he quit on hearing this news. It has been reported that Katie is hoping to win her ex husband’s approval by showing him that she is not “a monster”. The Ultimo boss Michelle Mone would disagree with this however, branding Katie as rude and disrespectful after a very brief stint modelling for them.

We were all quite excited at the prospect of having an athletic blonde and a busty brunette on our TV screens every night. but the wild all seemed to be too much for the dancer Camilla. With her slim frame, she already looked frail before she started; her 3 days spent in the jungle were spent complaining that she felt unwell, worrying that she couldn’t sleep and crying. It obviously wasn’t the lifestyle for her, and she bowed out before things really got started.

Katie tried to lend some comfort to Camilla, telling her not to give up yet and saying she could wake her in the night if she needed to. 35 year old Camilla is used to having the cameras on her and performing under pressure, but the wilderness of the bush is something that most of these contestants have never experienced before and the conditions are very difficult.

Camilla will be replaced by Joe Bugner, the former heavyweight boxing champion. He’s not exactly A list so we don’t know yet whether he will be an interesting watch or not. He might be better at bug eating challenges than the petite dancer!

Some of our De Beauvoir Town Escorts are already hooked on the programme and will be watching the series to see who will succeed in the bushtucker trials, and who will ultimately be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle.