Baby Joy for Dannii Minogue

Entertainment news is all about babies this week. Already there has been speculation that newly engaged singer Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand were expecting after they were spotted visiting a baby store, however Katy has today put these rumours to bed after revealing on the internet that it is in fact her time of the month. That’s one way to silence the gossip columns! Also, ex Atomic Kitten was reported to be 7 weeks pregnant, but she has blasted this rumour on Twitter claiming it’s completely untrue. In the public’s defence, Miss Katona does keep us guessing with her constantly fluctuating weight!

However, not all of the baby rumours have just been invented to create a stir. X Factor judge Dannii Minogue has confirmed that she and her partner Kris Smith are expecting a child, and she is over the moon. Dannii has made no secret of her desire to settle down and start a family, but after 2 failed marriages she seems to have found her perfect man in the burly rugby player. She announced the news on Twitter, and her sister Kylie has left a message of congratulations for the couple.

The Australian star had always been in Kylie’s shadow, with her singing and acting career never quite making it into the main spotlight. That was until she joined the judging panel on Simon Cowell’s successful ITV show ‘The X Factor’. Since then she has become one of the country’s sweethearts, often appearing in magazines for her stylish dress sense and varied hair styles (well admired by our London escorts), and the speculated ongoing feud between her and Cheryl Cole (which she strongly denies). You might assume that this pregnancy means the end of her run on the show; stories have already been circulated about Dannii being replaced with someone more famous or controversial to pull in more viewers. But Miss Minogue has spoken out and said that if Simon Cowell will renew her contract, she would like to continue with the show as usual this year. Filming starts in June and the baby is expected to arrive in July, so she would inevitably need to take some time off from The X Factor.

Dannii was able to confirm the news of her pregnancy after being given the all clear from her 12 week scan. She and Kris are absolutely delighted with the news; this will be the first child to be born from the Minogue sisters. Aged 38, Dannii seems to have finally achieved everything she dreamed of – a successful career, a man she loves and the chance to start a family. The world is still rooting for her elder sister Kylie to find the same happiness; after struggling with breast cancer, it seems that Kylie is still looking for the one.