Brits at the Oscars

The Oscars are probably the most prestigious and coveted awards in the world. The lavish award ceremony is held once a year in the United States, attracting stars from all over the world to walk the famous red carpet. It is a dream of London escorts to attend such a highly esteemed event, where women are photographed in beautiful designer dresses and men are suited and booted in tuxedos.

This week the nominations have been announced, and a couple of Britain’s talented actors are up for some gongs. A name that is familiar at the Oscars is Dame Helen Mirren, one of the nation’s treasures. After her leading role in ‘The Queen’, she won ‘best actress’ in 2008. This year she is nominated in the same category, this time for her role in ‘The Last Station’ playing wife of the writer Leo Tolstoy.

Another name you may recognise from the silver screen is Colin Firth; he is up for his first ever Oscar nomination for his role in ‘The Single Man’ as a gay professor. He has previously starred in Bridget Jones’ Diary, Love Actually, Girl With a Pearl Earring and Mamma Mia. He also became a heart throb to British women when he played Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice .

Up against Dame Helen Mirren in the best actress category is a newcomer, 24 year old Brit ‘Carey Mulligan’ from London. Her role in ‘An Education’ is in the runnings, and she has also been nominated for Baftas and Golden Globe awards. Mulligan tried to distract herself during the nominations by watching ‘The Edge of Darkness’, Mel Gibson’s latest film. It must be very nerve racking to be considered for such a huge honour at a young age; people are drawing comparisons between Mulligan and screen Goddess Audrey Hepburn, who also won her first Oscar at the age of 24.

It is not known which films will be successful on the night, but many crowd pleasers are amongst those expected to do well; James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, heart warming ‘Up’ and ‘District 9’ all have nominations for the Best Picture. In the past hit films have been excluded from the runnings and there have been some surprise winners. This year seems to be returning to the people’s choice, rather than a random selection by an elitist panel!

The winners will be awarded with coveted trophies that will firmly mark their career in the world of film.