Celebrity Big Brother Contestant in Escort Scandal

Millions of viewers have tuned in to watch the final series of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4. Although it was originally slated for scraping the barrel with the variety of ‘C list’ stars, the program seems to be winning people round by creating hilarious situations with the challenges given to house mates. Contestants this year include Jordan’s cross dressing ex boyfriend, cage fighter Alex Reid, rapper Lady Sovereign and hard man Vinnie Jones.

Arguably, the thing that pulled in the most viewers this week was the budding romance between Jonas Altberg (Basshunter) and Katia Ivanova – the young ex girlfriend of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood. Despite them both having partners outside the house, the couple flirted obviously, sharing lots of cuddles and talking intimately. The highlight was Katia spending the night in Jonas’ bed; nobody knows exactly what went on underneath the covers, but they could be seen on camera sharing a kiss.

It was obvious that Jonas was absolutely smitten with Katia, who is up for eviction this week. However she seemed a bit cooler about the situation, calling him “too clean cut” and “clingy”.

Last night, the nation watched as Katia dumped a devastated Jonas in front of the Big Brother cameras. She told him that they should stop things before they went any further, that they were more like friends and that it wasn’t “worth it” because there is someone she cares about a lot. Any fans of Basshunter will undoubtedly withdraw their support of Katia now, damaging her chances of staying on the show.

Some news that has come to light this week won’t do Katia any favours either; it is already common knowledge that she met her 62 year old ex boyfriend whilst snorting cocaine, and she had been involved in a gentlemen’s club in Soho which was raided by the police and found to be a sex and drugs den. Even more scandal emerged recently as two London escorts revealed that Katia had taken part in a sex orgy with them and an elderly millionaire. Apparently, Katia then went by the name ‘Anastasia’ and joined in with ‘Kylie’ and ‘Ellie Wood’ to have a foursome. It was reported that only the 2 escort girls were paid for their services, and Katia had only participated for fun.

Some are fans of Katia because of her wild reputation, but if more scandal keeps being uncovered she may find herself in hot water!