Cheryl Cole Sparks Surgery Rumours

Oh dear. Girls Aloud beauty Cheryl Cole has worked hard over the last year to become one of the nation’s sweethearts; taking her place as a judge on the X Factor, the jordie lass became known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She even looked set to break America after her collaborations with Will I Am, and for a while she looked to be unstoppable.

It’s no secret that many girls envy the plump, full lips of Angelina Jolie. They’re constantly buying lip plumping glosses and pouting for photographs. But after the disaster that was Leslie Ash, haven’t celebrities learned their lesson about collagen injections? It can all go so horribly wrong!

Cheryl Cole was spotted at Heathrow Airport this weekend with what can only be described as a ‘trout pout’. As paparazzi and photographers surrounded her, she attempted to cover her mouth with her hand disguising the enlarged lips, but pictures have been released showing a clearly inflated pout. I can’t decide what’s more sad: that she felt the need to alter her beautiful face, or that she thinks she can get away with denying surgery!

Miss Cole was already as beautiful as they come. We could see past the fake tan, eye lash extensions and false nails. She ran into some trouble last year when she advertised fuller, thicker hair for Loreal hair products, but failed to mention that she in fact wears hair extension. It pulled in hundreds of complaints from women who hoped to achieve locks like Cheryl’s, but this was simply unachievable just by using that brand of shampoo.

Cheryl Cole has commented on plastic surgery before, saying that she had nothing against it and wouldn’t completely rule it out. But she also said that if she ever had any work done, she would be honest about it. Look at Heidi Montag from ‘The Hills’; she’s been boasting about her 10 procedures in one day and practically has a new face – no secret! As far as I’m aware, there’s no lip gloss on the market that will make that much of a difference to your lips. If there is, our London escorts want to hear about it! Perhaps Miss Cole has suffered from an allergic reaction, or maybe she’d just had a 12 hour snogging marathon with her husband Ashley Cole. Nothing else could explain the super enlargement.

We have to say Cheryl, your lips looked beautiful before and we would have happily kissed them all day, but your new look isn’t great. Now I’m a bit worried they might start leaking if any pressure is applied…