Christine Bleakley Can’t Keep Viewers…

TV Presenter Christine Bleakley may be as gorgeous as our London escorts AND going out with Frank Lampard (one of the most famous footballers in England), but that’s not enough to keep people watching her breakfast show by the looks of it! She left the BBC in a well publicised coup to ITV along with co-presenter Adrian Chiles, in the hope that the channel could boost their viewers ratings in the morning. Chiles and Bleakley had plenty of success on BBC’s The One Show and had great chemistry together, but the magic seems to have been lost somehow in the transition.

At the moment, BBC Breakfast is in the lead, averaging at around 1.40 million viewers per day. When it launched, ITV’s Daybreak debuted with 1.015 million viewers, but sadly for them, this has slipped by 20% in the first week. Figures have now dropped well below a million per day, pulling in around 800,000 viewers in the mornings. The BBC have seen a boost in their ratings. Daybreak is still ahead of GMTV, which averaged at 689,000 per day in August.

Although Bleakley and Chiles were hugely popular on the One Show, we must remember that the morning shows have a completely different target audience. They are not necessarily the same TV viewers who tune in at tea time, and also there is a lower overall number of people watching TV in the morning. However, the pair’s take over on Daybreak was highly publicised and greatly anticipated; ITV expected a surge in ratings, but they have been met with the opposite.

In the presenters’ defense, it does take time to build a following and get used to a new format. The show has only been running for a week so far and may gather momentum; however, TV Broadcasters are notoriously impatient with their stars, so if the public don’t embrace the new hosts of Daybreak soon, they may not be signed up for future series. They have so far lost 1/5 of the audience – a worryingly substantial amount.

These figures come despite the show pulling in huge names to interview, such as Prince Charles and Tony Blair. ITV bosses are still putting on a brave face, claiming that it’s early days and that the new hosts have made a “strong start”. It has only been 2 weeks so far, so hopefully the viewers will come round to the idea of having breakfast with Christine Bleakley.