The Final Series of Big Brother Launches

For a decade, Great Britain has been a fly on the wall to the biggest reality TV show in the world. Many other countries followed suit, locking weird and wonderful individuals in a shared house and filming their every move. The name comes from George Orwell’s famous novel ‘1984’ (published in 1949, predicting how the future world would be); his concept was that Big Brother was a dictator who would always be watching. This is how the TV series unfolded; cameras are placed in every room, so that the house mates are under constant supervision and must complete tasks to be rewarded.

The first few series, aired every summer, were a huge success. However, with a very similar formula each time the show has gradually decreased in popularity as viewers lost interest. Other reality shows sprouted up everywhere, from ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here’ to ‘The Apprentice’. Some saw it as easy entertainment, others saw it as an interesting psychological experiment into human behaviour.

Last night, the 11th and final series of Big Brother launched, selecting 13 lucky hopefuls to enter the house and get their 5 minutes of fame. Over the years contestants have become more and more bizarre, in the hope of getting some more interesting footage. The seven women and six men chosen include a Beyonce lookalike, a medical student, a born again Christian minister and and ex soldier-turned-hard-man with no legs. There is bound to be some clashes during their time in the enclosure, as well as the possibility of friendship and romance blossoming.

Channel 4 managed to pull in over 5 million viewers, making it the channel’s 3rd highest rating programme so far this year. It beat other competition, such as the Junior Apprentice, which attracted 4.2 million viewers.

The selection format changed slightly this year; thousands of wannabes sent in home made video auditions, and 80 were selected for the final group. From those 80, 13 were selected to go into the Big Brother house, including a ‘mole’ who must complete tasks undetected in a mole costume!

Some of our Runnymede escorts will be following the show to see how it unfolds; it tends to draw a love/hate reaction from the general public. However, once you do start watching it, you might find that you become hooked!