Gavin Henson Proposes to Charlotte Church

Singer Charlotte Church has been with Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson for 5 years, and they have 2 children together. However, we were never quite sure whether or not marriage was on the cards for the young couple. Church left her angelic image behind her long ago, and is often pictured drunkenly falling out of nightclubs. There have been reports of the couples having blazing rows in public, and this is not surprising due to Church’s feisty nature. She’s the kind of girl who says exactly what she thinks, and has upset other celebrities in the past with her blunt approach!

Charlotte also makes the tabloid headlines because of her constantly fluctuating weight; obviously her 2 pregnancies have contributed heavily, but she has opted for a larger, more curvaceous figure for a lot of her relationship with Henson. He has confessed that he prefers her this way and isn’t attracted to skinny girls; he likes to have a woman he can hold on to. It’s only recently that Henson’s wife has dropped 3 dress sizes and regained her more slim line figure, because she intends to make a come back in the music industry. She has mourned the loss of her “big boobs and big ass”, but is glad to be able to wear pretty dresses again without having to worry about her “tree trunk legs”.

It was on Charlotte’s 24th birthday on 21st February 2010 that Gavin popped the big question. They have kept it a secret until now, which is quite an achievement with Charlotte’s mouth! He surprised her by hiring a helicopter to land in their garden, taking them to Cornwall for a special birthday break. Henson had softened her up by getting her drunk the night before; apparently she is more affectionate when she has a hungover – he was more confident she would say yes like this!

Henson admitted that he was nervous about delivering the speech when he proposed. In the past the couple have played down any marriage plans, saying that they don’t want to settle down too young. However, Charlotte had voiced her concerns about Gavin never making an honest woman of her on a chat show!

Henson presented Church with a 2 carat diamond ring in the shape of a heart, just like she’d always wanted. The pair plan to wed within the next year, inviting around 100 guests to a remote island for their nuptials. She will be the envy of our East ham escorts!