Joaquin Phoenix Documentary Was A Hoax

Child star Joaquin Phoenix comes from a creatively talented family; his brother River Phoenix had success in Hollywood before his tragic death following a drug overdose. The incident received even more media coverage due to it taking place outside The Viper Room, a famous nightclub owned by Johnny Depp. The recording of the 911 call placed by Joaquin for his brother was played all over the media, and after this he retreated from the public eye.

Luckily for the rest of the world, Joaquin decided to return to acting. He has given memorable and award winning performances as Johnny Cash in Walk the Line and Commodus in Gladiator, to name a few. His success seemed to be on a steady incline, with each new film highly anticipated.

In 2008, Joaquin Phoenix declared that he was retiring from acting to pursue a career in hip hop music; this seemed rather unusual, and with the addition of a paunch and a huge beard, it appeared that he had lost it. The media pronounced him off the rails and soon lost interest, assuming he would once again become a recluse. These opinions seemed to be confirmed when the actor appeared on the Letterman show, giving a very awkward interview. It definitely looked like a man who was mentally unstable.

Casey Affleck, brother of Ben, made a documentary following the breakdown of Joaquin Phoenix called ‘I’m Still Here’; even up until last week, he insisted that it was real, despite some speculation about its authenticity. However, today the director has confirmed that the whole thing was a set up. The film was in fact a ‘mocumentary’, highlighting the fall of celebrities into a life of drugs and instability. Joaquin managed to keep up this facade for 2 years – one of the biggest acting jobs ever taken on.

Our escort girls were certainly fooled – so convincing is the performance given by this talented actor that the world genuinely believed that his harrowing downfall had been documented. Affleck claims that he never intended it to be a “hoax”, but a believable piece of film, which it truly succeeded to be. It’s a shame that we won’t actually be hearing any hip hop from phoenix though, that would have made for an interesting listen! During the 2 year ‘faking’ period, the actor gave several impromptu rap performances, which lead to ridicule from his spectators. Whether you believed it or not, the film is a genius concept!