Jude Law To Be A Daddy Again!

For the fourth time, Jude Law is to become a father; he is choosing not to name the mother of the unborn child.

Jude already has three children with his ex wife, Sadie Frost. His private life was thrust into the spotlight when he divorced Sadie and got engaged to the beautiful, and much younger, actress Sienna Miller. They have since broken up after further scandal was caused when Jude was exposed for having an affair with the nanny of one of his children. This earned him a reputation as a love rat, and taking the starring role in the remake of ‘Alfie’ with Sienna Miller had further cemented this reputation.

We have not heard much about Jude’s love life since that episode, although he was spotted this week with old flame Cameron Diaz. They tried to disguise their rendezvous by leaving the restaurant ‘Nobu’ by differents exits, but they don’t fool us.It is surprising that no stories have ever been leaked by London escorts, considering Jude’s alleged playboy lifestyle.

Jude Law has requested for the affair to be kept private; he tries to avoid the public eye and does not like to share details of his private life. He has famously slated the paparrazi for following him around like “stalkers”. However, with this recent development he is unlikely to have his wishes respected.

The birth mother is already 7 months pregnant, and Jude was informed that he is to become a father again when the baby is due this autumn. He is said to have had a brief relationship with the mother in question whilst he was filming the forthcoming film ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in New York. A spokesperson has said that he is no longer romantically involved with the woman, but he intends to play an active and supportive role in the child’s life.

Jude Law has appeared in blockbuster hits such as Brokeback Mountain and The Talented Mr Ripley, both of which earned him Oscar nominations. At the age of 36, Jude Law’s acting career shows no signs of slowing down.