Kate Moss Turns Drama Queen

Supermodel Kate Moss, 34, caused havoc on Tuesday night at the GQ Men of the Year Awards after taking offence at a quip from actor James Nesbitt.

Kate Moss has inspired young women and London escorts for over a decade with her forward thinking style and flawless image, and she has designed her own line of clothing for ‘Topshop’ in recent years. However, some of her behaviour of late is less inspiring…

Although Nesbitt claims to get on well with Kate describing her as “a laugh”, she obviously disagreed as she fumed “He’s f**king rude”. Kate apparently seemed quite tipsy and had just presented an award to friend Lily Allen, with a chaotic rambling speech. Kate reportedly stormed off the stage and barged past several people. She is usually known for her graceful model behaviour on the catwalk, but last night’s antics have caused some to brand her as “rude”.

Kate’s diva tantrum was caused by a joke by Nesbitt implying that he’d had sexual relations with her; he told the audience “Kate Moss has still got it. Well, she should do, I gave it to her just before she came on stage”. He then added that he was only talking about his phone number.

First she barged past singer Lily Allen who was giving a TV interview. Her friend Lily, who had won the gong for Woman of the Year, allegedly called after her “He didn’t mean it like that, Kate!” but Moss continued to storm around. She later came back asking “Has anyone seen my lipstick?” This time she interrupted Dizzee Rascal’s TV interview, which spurred him to snap at her for stealing his lime light. He added “only joking” to prevent any further wrath from the model. After she had left, Dizzee quipped ”Kate Moss has lost her lipstick — f**king disaster.”

She left the Royal Opera House soon after, claiming that she would never attend one of these “f**king award ceremonies” again. She was accompanied by her boyfriend Jamie Hince who is the lead singer if band ‘The Kills’. He followed her sheepishly as she offended several bystanders with her strop.