Take That Star Confesses All


Mark Owen has been a heart throb to young girls for over a decade. When our London escorts were teenagers they would listen to their Take That CDs, swooning over the 5 boys and their shirtless dance routines. Owen had always been the baby faced band member with a squeaky clean reputation.

However, today his halo has fallen as he confessed all to the Sun newspaper about his string of infidelities throughout his five year relationship to his now wife, Emma. The pair married last year and have two children together; a three year old son called Elwood, and a one year old daughter called Willow Rose. Life looked to be idyllic for the family, but the revelations today are likely to put a major strain on the singer’s relationship and home life.

Take That made a come back in 2005 and had phenomenal success; they toured around the UK selling out huge arenas, and some of their latest hits are stronger than ever. They now have an older fan base too and appeal to a greater demographic than they once did. The fame had affected them somewhat before with Gary Barlow confessing that he had turned to drink and drugs, but he has managed to kick the habit and stay on the straight and narrow.

Mark Owen, 38, felt that he needed to confess the truth to clear his conscience. He has said that he is “deeply sorry” for his actions, having cheated on Emma with at least 10 other women during their relationship. He has remained faithful since they married in 2009, wanting to start with a clean slate.

Owen has blamed most of the affairs on alcohol which resulted in him having multiple one night stands; there was also one woman, Neva Hanley, who he was seeing for four years. He last spent the night with her just a month before his wedding to Emma. He had met the accounts manager at a train station and continued meeting her in hotels for all that time.

The singer has called himself “selfish and stubborn”, and knows that he has let his wife down. It is unknown why he chose now to reveal the truth; perhaps one of the women was threatening to come forward and expose his philandering behaviour. He claims that he could no longer live with the guilt, and hopes that he will now be able to move on from his past.