West End Star Gets Her Claws Out

It was an unexpected phenomenon when Susan Boyle became world famous overnight. After her performance on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, millions of people logged on to watch her sing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ on You Tube.

During that memorable performance, Boyle described how her heroine was West End star Elaine Paige; she had been an inspiration throughout her life and made her want to sing. We dare say that without Paige’s influence, Boyle would never have pursued her hobby and would still be a lonely woman who rarely left the house. She has confessed that she would sometimes sing into her hairbrush, alone in her room while listening to Paige.

Since then, Susan Boyle has gone on to become an international sensation, selling millions of copies of her debut album and recently performing on the US Oprah Winfrey show. It looked like all of her dreams had come true, but the latest comments from Elaine Paige may well burst her bubble. The pair duetted just before Christmas, singing the number “I Know Him So Well”. For Susan Boyle, this would have been a lifelong dream. But Paige can’t have been very impressed judging by her outburst this week; she has described Boyle’s success as a “virus” and says that she has no “pride” for the singer.

It would seem that Paige resents the overnight success of Boyle, having herself worked for many years to gain her celebrity status. Paige spoke at the South Bank Awards and was asked what she thought of the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ runner up. She then said that Boyle was a “virus who had spread across the world in a nanosecond”, adding “I don’t particularly feel any pride for her”.

The comments are likely to anger the millions of fans that SuBo has gained across the world; they were unprovoked and unnecessary, and are unlikely to win Elaine Page any new admirers. She had been well respected in the industry for 40 years, but unfortunately this outburst has left Paige looking bitter and jealous. Some of our Leicester Square escorts who enjoy shows in the neighbouring West End were previously fans of both women, but now feel a bit less affection for Ms Paige.

The revelations will come as an upsetting shock to Susan Boyle, who has been clearly slated by the woman she idolised for her whole life. Several incidents have already indicated that Boyle is struggling to cope with the pressures of her new found fame, and this blow will hardly help matters.