Is The X factor All a Fix?

Is The X factor All a Fix?

Since 2004, The X Factor has been the biggest and most popular singing competition in the UK. Created by Simon Cowell, it has paved the way for stars such as Leona Lewis, JLS and Alexandra Burke. Of course, a lot of it is more about making good television than finding real talent; just as much airtime is given to the freaks and odd-bods as it is to the great singers. Now in its seventh series, some have grown tired with the show and the media circus that surrounds it, but with up to 12 million viewers per week, it’s unlikely to end any time soon.

This year, there has been a lot of speculation about the acts who have made it through to the live finals. Simon Cowell has a reputation for manufacturing acts that will make him the most money; it’s something he is very good at, but also something he receives a lot of criticism for. In the groups section this year, 2 of the 3 groups selected happen to have been put together by him from contestants who had previously auditioned as solo artists. Instead of choosing bands who have been together for years and formed their own style, he opted for those he can mould into exactly what he wants them to be.

16 year old Cher Lloyd impressed judges with her rendition of ‘Turn my Swagger On’ in her first televised audition, but it was immediately obvious that she was just a mini version of Cheryl Cole (one of the judges). She dresses the same, looks similar, wears her hair the same and even has the same musical note tattoo on her hand! Although she was called fresh and original, she is in fact a carbon copy of an existing star. Even after messing up her final audition, she still beat the better singer Gamu to a place in the finals. Easy money?

Another finalist causing controversy is Katie Waissel; it has emerged that she already has a 2 album record deal in the US singing under the name ‘Lola Fontaine’, and also has many connections at UK record companies (including Simon Cowell’s). She also appeared in a series on You Tube, on which she sang under the name ‘Katie Vogel’. Countless stories have hit the tabloids about how fame hungry she is, and The X Factor looks like the final push she needs to dominate the spotlight.

Our escort girls can’t help but tune into the hit show every week, but it might be advisable to take everything you see with a pinch of salt…