Has the BNP Changed Its Ways?

The British National Party has caused controversy with their far right wing policies ever since it was founded in 1982. Formed from a splinter of the National Front, many have compared the BNP’s attitudes to Hitler and the Nazi regime; their belief is that Britain should be inhabited fundamentally by British, Caucasian people and are opposed to immigration and ethnic diversity in the UK.

Up until now, the BNP had only allowed British Caucasian people to be a member of their party. It wasn’t until they were threatened with legal action from the Equality and Human Rights Commission that they re-evaluated their rules; the limitations did not comply with race relations laws.

As of February 2010, the BNP has an open door policy where black and Asian people can also become members, as long as they agree with the belief of the party that the country should remain fundamentally British. Leader Nick Griffin has been quoted as saying that he expects a “trickle” rather than a “flood” of applications from ethic minorities; it does seem almost laughable that they have been pushed into making this change considering that they are perceived to be the most racist party in the UK. Although they deny being racist, the BNP has repeatedly shown intolerance to ethnic minorities and insist that all immigrants and their descendants should be sent back to their ‘home’ countries.

A meeting was held this week in a secret location somewhere in Essex, where the BNP came to the decision to change its constitution. Despite having to scrap their ‘whites only’ policy, Nick Griffin has assured his members that they will never become a “multi racial” organisation. Although the party work hard to shake off the image they have of all being skin headed thugs, the comments made rarely do much to change people’s opinions of them. Press conferences at the BNP always cause a stir, showing support from both supporters and from those against the BNP. Heavy security is necessary every time, and this was demonstrated as a journalist for the Times was ejected from the latest meeting despite being personally invited.

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