Nick Clegg Triumphs on TV Debate

For 13 years, the Labour Party have been in power. Tony Blair managed to hold on by the skin of his teeth, but since Gordon Brown became Prime Minister the party’s popularity has fallen dramatically. British troops are still in Afghanistan with soldiers dying all the time and no solution visible in the near future. The country has barely managed to claw its way out of the recession, with thousands of businesses being forced to close. Immigration is out of control which may push undecided voters towards the BNP, and unemployment figures are depressing. It’s difficult to see what Labour have done for this country in recent years!

The second most popular party for the last decade have been the Conservatives, otherwise known as the Tories. Until now, there has been no question of any other party except these two parties being elected into power; however, the Liberal Democrats seriously raised their profile last night during the nationally televised debate. Nick Clegg, the underdog and leader of the Lib Dems, won over the viewers and came out as the clear winner of the debate, beating Gordon Brown and David Cameron. According to a poll carried out by National paper ‘The Times’, over half of the Tory supporters voted Clegg as the winner. Only Labour’s supporters remained loyal to Brown in the majority. Overall, 61% of those surveyed agreed that Nick Clegg had given the best answers, so he was clearly the most popular of the three men.

Before this debate, 23% of voters said that they would like to see Mr Clegg as the UK’s Prime Minister. Now, this figure has almost doubled, rising to 43%. It could be that the key to success in these elections is to convince all of the undecided voters who is the right choice for them, and persuading those who weren’t planning to vote to take action. If everyone voted, it could make a huge difference to the state of our country, even electing a new party into power.

Many people decide not to vote because they do not know enough about politics to make an informed opinion. However, this kind of apathy is how far right wing parties manage to win seats in the government; it’s even worth voting to eliminate this risk if you happen to disagree with their policies. Many of our Westminster escorts are taking matters into their own hands and have already registered to vote. Who will you vote for by May 6th?