Beckham and Owen Ruled Out of World Cup Finals

Footballers David Beckham and Michael Owen are two of the most famous names in UK sports. Even those who don’t follow football will be well aware of the players who have represented England in previous World Cup and European championship games.

Beckham tore his Achilles tendon playing for AC Milan on Sunday in their game against Chievo, and there is no chance of him recovering in time for the Summer World Cup, despite being flown immediately to Finland today for an emergency operation. He has described the news as “crushing”. Had it not been for this injury, he would have already been on the plane to South Africa for the World Cup, along with the rest of the England team. Although this news comes as a blow to manager Fabio Capello, it is not a complete disaster; they still have a strong line up including Wayne Rooney and young Arsenal right winger Theo Walcott. Beckham would have made the third right winger on the squad, so at least this injury will make Capello’s selection easier.

Beckham, who was on loan to AC Milan from LA Galaxy, will not be able to play football for the next two months. This could be very damaging to his career, because at 34, he is already thought to be past his prime. New young players are becoming more successful and could end up taking his place in the England team.

David Beckham is one of the most famous football players in the world due to his high profile lifestyle; he has many modelling and advertising contracts and is married to Spice Girl Victoria (aka Posh Spice). Even if he is forced to retire early, he is likely to remain a household name for years to come. Many of our London escorts have developed a crush on the sportsman, and he is the reason that many women watch football at all; he probably has several years of advertising left in him.

30 year old Michael Owen, who also plays for Manchester United, has been ruled out for the remainder of the season. During the Carling Cup final against Aston Villa where he helped lead Manchester United to a 2-1 victory, Owen pulled his hamstring. He is also expected to undergo surgery today.

With Ashley Cole also injured, the England squad seems to be diminishing at an alarming rate. The nation is hoping that our team will not encounter any more losses before the summer, otherwise our chances on the World Cup will be slim!