Dreams Shattered for Andy Murray

British Tennis star had big hopes last week; as he prepared to play in the Australian Open final on Sunday morning, he had the chance to beat the world’s number 1 and become the reigning tennis champion.

Having not had a British winner for 74 years, we waited with baited breath to see if Murray would change that fate, doing his country proud. The Scot had battled his way to the finals with the support of his home town, Dunblane in Perthshire. The Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond phones Murray after every game he plays, whether he has won or not. He had called to wish him luck before this all important match. Around the town, people put up banners with messages of support for their local boy.

Murray was up against the world’s current number 1 male tennis player, Roger Federer, who has 16 Grand Slam victories under his belt. Murray had been beaten by him before, and wanted desperately to break that trend. He had managed to beat Rafael Nadal in the quarter final – one of the only players who intimidates Federer on the court. This must have restored some of his confidence to go into the final with his head held high, but to break a 74 year cycle must have put even more pressure on the Scot.

An our into the final, things weren’t looking good for Murray. He lost the first two sets, with the score board reading at one point: Federer 16, Murray 0. That must’ve been difficult to come back from, but Murray clawed his way back and even managed to take the lead for a short while. Unfortunately his efforts weren’t enough, and he lost the final allowing Federer to hold on to his number 1 spot.

Our Tottenham Court Road escorts were disappointed that a fellow Brit couldn’t snatch the title; they remain proud of his success in the tennis world and have faith that the 22 year old player will continue to do well. Despite Andy Murray losing to Roger Federer, his success throughout the rest of the Australian Open has raised his ranking to number 3 in the world – quite an achievement in itself. This means that Rafael Nadal slips down to fourth place following his defeat in the Australian Open.