No More England Captaincy for Terry

Rumours emerged last week about John Terry’s love life; it has been claimed that he embarked on a four month affair with his team mate’s ex girlfriend, Vanessa Perroncel. She has a three year old son with Wayne Bridge, who used to play at Chelsea with Terry before being transferred to Manchester City.

John Terry is married to Toni, and unfortunately this is not the first time he has been accused of adultery. Toni fled to Dubai with the couple’s two young children following these revelations; she now needs to decide whether or not she will give him another chance. What makes matters worse is that he has allegedly paid Miss Perroncel £800,000 to keep quiet about their romance; so far she has said that she will not sell a kiss and tell story. She gave this statement with PR guru Max Clifford speaking on her behalf, which is proof in itself that this is a big story for the media (Clifford only represents the most lucrative stars). Other women are now starting to come forward to claim that they also slept with Terry and were paid off to keep it a secret; it is unknown as to whether he ever met with a London escort.

On the same day that Miss Perroncel made this statement, John Terry had a meeting with England manager Fabio Capello, lasting less than 15 minutes in total. The news quickly spread that Terry had been demoted from his England captaincy. It is believed that he will still take part in the World Cup, but his reputation has been damaged so greatly that he was no longer seen fit to lead the country’s football team. Another contributing factor was that Terry’s box was being touted out at matches for up to £4000 a time. Rio Ferdinand has taken Terry’s place as the new England Captain.

Some Chelsea fans are standing firmly behind Terry; he has proved that his footballing skills have not been affected after he lead Chelsea to a 2-0 victory against Arsenal. Many are of the belief that his demotion is unfair because his private life does not affect his performance on the pitch, but others believe that he is not a good role model to represent our country. During the match at Stamford Bridge he suffered a dead leg injury; he is currently being assessed to see if he will be fit to play in the team’s next match against Everton.