Portugal Victorious Against North Korea

Before the World Cup 2010 tournament began, North Korea’s team where an unknown entity to the rest of the world. Due to their communist state and lack of media, we knew nothing of their players and we had not seen them in a World Cup tournament since 1966 when they made it into the quarter finals. Some thought that they would not present a challenge due to the fact that they hadn’t been on our radar for years, but others worried that they could have been building up an excellent team without media intrusion to leak any tips.

As the most successful team in World Cup history, everyone expected Brazil to beat North Korea easily, but they kept up a strong defence throughout and managed to score a goal against Brazil in the 89th minute of the game. Although they ended up losing to Brazil 2 – 1, they still impressed spectators considering that they were the lowest ranking team in the tournament.

Today, they faced Portugal in Cape Town – another strong team who have had some success in previous World Cup tournaments and European championships. After putting up a fight against Brazil, it was suspected that Portugal may have a challenge on their hands. By half time, they were only 1 – 0 up against North Korea. Cristiano Ronaldo had vowed to lead his team to victory, but got off to a slow start in today’s match. It was thanks to Tiago that Portugal took the lead in the 29th minute.

The second half of the game was where the magic started; in a record breaking result, Portugal went on to score a further 6 goals in the last 45 minutes – North Korea were helpless to stop their winning streak. With goals scored by Tiago, Ronaldo, Raul Meireles and Liedson, Portugal won the game with a jaw dropping score of 7 – 0.

Now our Portuguese escorts are celebrating this impressive victory by their native country’s team, absolutely thrilled with the result. If you book one of these girls today, be ready to join in their happy festivities! Portugal now look set to go through from Group G along with Brazil, now in second place. Each of the teams that go through will be competing for that prestigious World Cup trophy. Carlos Queiroz, the Portugal team boss, is very pleased with their performance on the field this afternoon.