Switzerland beat Spain!

Since the World Cup began last week, Spain have been one of the favourites to win. This afternoon the played a pre-tournament match in Durban, against the seemingly easy to beat team, Switzerland. Everyone expected an effortless victory for Spain as they played in the Moses Mabhida Stadium in South Africa. They were the European champions in 2008, and have not been beaten by any other European team for the last 37 matches – quite an impressive winning streak.

The game took place at 3.00pm this afternoon; Up until half time, the score was still 0 – 0. It wasn’t until the 53nd minute that Swiss player Gelson Fernandes, who once played for Manchester City, scored a shock goal against Spain.

Spain and Brazil had been the two favourites to win the World Cup 2010. Spain has a particularly strong team this year, full of household names. However, it wasn’t enough to beat Switzerland on this occasion. They fiercely defended their side, not allowing any attempts pass them to give the opposing team a goal. There was a close call when Xabi Alonso hit the crossbar, with a couple of other near misses from Fernando Torres; Switzerland should be very grateful to their goal keeper after today’s match.

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Although there are a lot of shocked and upset fans across the UK, most are more focused on the next England game, which will take place this Friday evening against Algeria. We were lucky not to face any of the strongest teams in the first group, but the draw against USA was disappointing – that also should have been an easy win! Our team has suffered some losses this year, with golden boy David Beckham out with an injury. Wayne Rooney has been struggling with a groin injury, and we also lost Michael Owen to a hamstring injury, which means he can never again play for the England squad.