Wayne Bridge Turns Down The World Cup

Footballer Wayne Bridge was dragged into the ‘footballer’s infidelity’ argument a couple of weeks ago when the news emerged that England Captain John Terry had been having an affair with Bridge’s ex girlfriend, who he has a child with. Although most of the headlines focused on whether or not Terry would win back his wife and mother to his children, there was always the underlying question of whether or not this would cause friction between the team mates.

Stories reported that Vanessa Perroncel still hoped to reconcile with Bridge, always holding out hope that they would get back together one day. However her fling with Terry, Bridge’s former Chelsea team mate, is bound to have damaged her chances. Neither Perroncel or Bridge have commented on this information.

Today, Wayne Bridge has released a statement saying that he will no longer be playing with the England team. He described his position on the team as “untenable and potentially divisive” due to the affair between his ex girlfriend and his team mate. Currently playing full back for Manchester City, Bridge has declared himself unavailable for selection for the England team, so there is now no chance that he will be able to play in the finals of the World Cup – every footballer’s dream.

Bridge was said to be devastated about the revelations regarding his ex and has kept quiet about it for the last three weeks. It would seem that he has been weighing up his options, coming to the conclusion announced today. Capello had “firmly expected” the two players to resolve their differences for the good of the England team, so he is unlikely to welcome this news. On a personal level, Bridge would find it too difficult to play on the same team as John Terry, the man who betrayed his trust.

It is not a decision that Bridge came to lightly. In his statement, he reveals that he thought “long and hard” about whether he could continue to play alongside Terry. He wished the team luck with their match in South Africa.

With an injured ankle, it is looking unlikely that love rat Ashley Cole will be fit to play either – another blow for Capello. Cole is one of the stronger players on the team, so the nation is hoping that the other players in the England squad will be strong enough to take us to victory. Our London escorts will be cheering them on!