UK Skies Silenced by Volcanic Cloud

It sounds like a tale from a prankster or something from an action film, but today this almost unheard of event is no joke. The skies of Great Britain have fallen silent as all air traffic in and out of the country has been prohibited until at least tomorrow; for 24 hours, the UK is in quarantine.

The chaos has been caused by an immense cloud formed after a volcano erupted in Iceland, for the second time in a month. The eruption heaved a mass of dangerous ash into the sky, which is now hovering in the atmosphere above the UK. To fly in those conditions could be fatally dangerous for any plane, as the ash clogs up the engines causing every one to fail. Several other countries in Europe are at the same risk, and have also had to ground all planes.

Heathrow escorts may suddenly find themselves a lot more busy as thousands of people are left stranded in the airports across London and the rest of the country; unlike staff strikes, there is nobody to be angry at for this stand still and nothing we can do about it. Until the ash cloud clears, it is simply not safe to fly a plane. Travellers have been queuing all day to find out what alternatives they will be offered, however many decided to give up and go home.

The natural occurrence has disrupted many people’s plans; some were hoping to go on holiday or to visit family, some had important business to attend to. There are also those who have been visiting the UK and were hoping to go home; for the time being, they have no alternative but to stay a bit longer. Some air lines are offering vouchers to their customers so that they have food and accommodation for the night, and they are trying to keep customers as informed as possible. It’s difficult to say exactly how soon the air will be safe again, but it has been suggested that air traffic may become active again around 7am tomorrow morning (Friday 16th April).

For those who are forced to stay in or near an airport, they could be in for a long, dull night. Hiring a Heathrow might be the best idea for any single men who have an evening to kill – she will certainly make things more interesting!

The only people enjoying this sky stand still are those who live by the major airports; for the first time in years, they can actually hear the birds singing! Residents in these areas are not used to peace and quiet, and often have to wear ear plugs to protect themselves against the noise. For them, the volcanic cloud has been a blessing.