And The Mercury Prize Goes To…

Last night, London’s Grosvenor House Hotel hosted the annual event for the Mercury Prize. Dismissed by some as a purely commercial ploy to sell more records in the post summer slump, others hold it in very high regard and would consider it an honour to be nominated.

Sponsored by Barclaycard (who we’re seeing a lot of with the current cycling scheme in London), the Mercury Prize 2010 had some stiff competition. Last year, the award for the best album of the year went to relative unknowns Speech Debelle. Their album ‘Speech Therapy’ sold less than 10,000 copies and didn’t even make it into the top 40; hardly a hit with the general public. The judging panel played it much safer this year by choosing bands and artists who are already established, such as past winner Dizzee Rascal and the Modfather himself Paul Weller.

Musicial Jools Holland was the one to read out the verdict: the prize went to the XX for their eponymous debut album. Released around a year ago, the band have already had considerable airplay on national stations and have won themselves a hoard of fans. Using simple melodies and haunting tones, this style of music is different enough to be perceived as new and original, but not experimental enough to scare off the general public.

The musical trio were awarded the coveted trophy and a cheque for £20,000. This acclaim could do wonders for their career; when Elbow won in 2008, their album sales increased by 700%! Simply making the public aware of their music is all it takes for success when you have a real talent.

Many of our escort girls enjoy the relaxing tones of the XX; it’s the perfect music to play when creating a tranquil atmosphere for an erotic massage, or to have playing in the background over a romantic dinner. It could help you unwind after a busy day at work, or get you in the mood for some sensual love making. Perhaps you can try playing it the next time you have a date at home to see how successful it is for you! It’s amazing how evocative music can be; it has the ability to completely transform your mood. Judges of the Mercury Prize must have recognised this quality in the XX’s music, giving the new band the edge over more established nominees.