Angel Tube Workers Provide Smiles


The London Underground may not be one of the most enjoyable places to spend the majority of your time, but commuters heading to the Northern line at Angel may disagree. To pass the time away when making the morning or evening journey to and from work, most of us will have our head in a book, listening to music or perhaps reading a newspaper.

Regularly being squashed against a tube window or faced with the daunting prospect of an armpit close to your face is not very appealing. Combine this with all the other things that can get us down throughout the commute (no seats, delays, fare increases), it’s no wonder many people can be seen wearing a frown. A welcoming smile from a fellow passenger or an act of random kindness is so few and far between that when it arrives, it is all the more heartening.

Those commuting and passing through Angel tube have been fortunate to witness the daily quotations from tube workers Ken Waters and Rathees Kadadcham. The pair have made quite a name for themselves with their regular pearls of wisdom.

Their simple whiteboard which displays ‘customer information’ displays details about tube services and disruptions. However, this unlikely duo have taken to using the board as space for their ‘Thoughts of the Day’. Their daily quotations have captured the hearts of Londoners and Angel escorts. The two have even grabbed the attention of a Japanese TV station, becoming stars over in Asia. Who’d have though it?

It all began when they saw a sign at a tube station in west London, asking people to refrain from kissing outside when saying goodbye. This was, apparently, because it was causing a build up traffic. When they saw this, they decided to put a sign up at Angel advocating kissing at their station, in retaliation. Since then, they’ve just continued to put daily snippets, for their own amusement and to bring a smile to the faces of Londoners passing through Angel. Good for them.

The London Underground workers hope that their efforts brighten up the days of the commuters that pass through Angel station. Some of the quotes include: “If heat makes things expand, then I’m not really fat… I’m just really hot!”. This is just one of the many pearls that have featured on the whiteboard over the last few months.

Look out for their many daily quotations at Angel London Underground station or visit their website at