Bad News on St Swithin’s Day

St Swithin’s Day falls on July 15th every year. It’s a piece of ancient folklore that predicts if it rains today, we will have rain for the next 40 days – at the moment, forecasters cannot rule it out. Many parts of the UK woke up to downpours today, and looking at the weather forecast over the next week does not fill us with confidence! Most places seem to have a mix of sunny spells and showers to look forward to – I suppose we’d better get out our umbrellas and wellington boots.

For some (non superstitious folk), waking up to rain was a relief. For weeks we’ve had very warm weather, and the air had become quite humid; the high temperatures can make it more difficult to sleep comfortably at night, with open windows bringing little relief. Finally the rains have come, clearing the air and making it much easier to breathe – the air is fresh again. We can only hope that the legend is not true and that we won’t be stuck with rain until the end of August.

The proverb says: “St Swithun’s day if thou dost rain For forty days it will remain St Swithun’s day if thou be fair For forty days ’twill rain no more”

St Swithin was a 9th century bishop; after his death, his bones were removed from his chosen burial place at Winchester Cathedral on 15th July. This happened to coincide with 40 days of torrential rain, which was thought to be an omen due to the Anglo-Saxon bishop’s displeasure. The rainy period seemed to continue annually throughout Medieval times – certainly enough for the legend to stick around to present day.

Great Britain is no stranger to rainy summers; many times throughout the last decade, parts of the UK have experienced serious floods from heavy rainfall, destroying homes and even causing some fatalities. It has become such a common occurrence that many home insurance companies now will not protect against ‘natural disaster’ – something which used to be a rarity in this country.

Our Asian escorts are not fans of the rain and much preferred the heatwave we experienced throughout the month of June; the girls are all hoping that the sunshine will return soon! This gives them a chance to sunbathe, and to show off their killer figures in cute summer dresses. Surely wellies aren’t a hot look for anyone!