Britain’s Most Evil Mum

A woman has been branded the most sick mother in Britain after making her son believe he was seriously ill for 6 years. She now faces jail for falsely claiming £130,000 of benefits, putting her young son through hell the entire time.

The mother, 35, managed to fool both the boy’s dad and doctors by claiming that her son had a mystery illness that left him in a wheel chair. The conditions that she said contributed to his conditions included Cerebral Palsy, a throat disorder called Dysphagia and Cystic Fibrosis. She also insisted that he had an allergy to all food so he was fed through a tube. Eventually, doctors were persuaded to operate on the boy to fix a permanent tube for him to be fed through.

To make her ruse realistic, she dressed her son in clothes that were too big for him making him appear ill, and made him go to school in a wheelchair with an oxygen supply fixed. She said that he was not able to swallow any kind of food so he could not eat with the other children. The school spent thousands of pounds making improvements to cater for the child, but on breaks he would get out of his wheelchair and run around with the rest of the children.

The boy is now aged 8, and has suffered long term psychological damage. He is currently living with foster parents. The wicked mother even used his alleged illness to gain media attention while he was in her care, writing to Simon Cowell to get an invite to an X Factor show, and also introducing him to Camilla, Prince Charles’ wife.

The scam enabled the mother to claim maximum disability allowance, which she used to fund a luxurious lifestyle. She even used money from charities to go on holidays. Her evil scam started when her son was born and received treatment in a special baby care unit, and continued for the rest of his life until she was caught. She repeatedly reported him to be ill, but no illness was ever properly diagnosed. To fool doctors, she altered his urine samples by adding glucose, leading doctors to believe he suffered from diabetes. To avoid detection, she regularly avoided hospital appointments that would prove he was healthy.

Her sick behaviour got worse when she pretended she had been raped to avoid a hospital appointment. She inflicted cuts upon herself and reported the ‘incident’ to the police. She later admitted that this was another lie and pleaded guilty to perverting justice in court this week. Some of our Ealing escorts are following the story and await to hear the sentencing.