Budget and General Election Dates

Politicians have been discussing dates the forthcoming ‘budget day’ and for the General Election. Today, Chancellor Alastair Darling has confirmed that this year, the budget will be held on Wednesday 24th March, six weeks earlier than the proposed date for the General Elections, which is 6th May. According to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, our government have guided the economy in the UK through a “storm”, but many might beg to differ.

One party to disagree with this statement is the Tories, but there’s no surprise there – they are bound to lack faith in their main competition at this crucial time. They have said that Labour cannot be trusted with our economy, claiming that deficit should immediately be cut. However the Liberal Democrats think that the economy is too fragile for this to allowed.

Gordon Brown spoke earlier at Canary Wharf in East London, setting the budget for two weeks time. This date was then confirmed in writing to Parliament by Alistair Darling. Brown expects the budget to show the country that the government is committed to his plan to reduce the UK’s deficit, and that he would successfully cut the amount of public borrowing; its forecast peak this year is £178 billion.

Until there is more certainty about the economy, the Prime Minister has ruled out a full spending review. Revised figures have recently been published, which show that the UK did successfully rise out of the recession at the end of 2009, but we shouldn’t get too comfortable with the idea; some economists are warning that we could easily slip back from this growth in coming months. Basically the economy is on the right track, but we’re not out of the woods just yet.

Most industries, including London escort agencies , have been effected by the recession and felt the impact of this change in the economy. It’s only now that things are beginning to look more positive, but the Tories have told Labour that financial markets still need more reassurance on this matter, giving organisations faith that they can recover from the slump. The Liberal Democrats think that the government must continue showing their support for jobs and businesses to repair the damage done.

The economic crisis was discussed at the G20 summit last year, which is why the budget took place later than usual on 22nd April. The March date this year means that it is very likely the general election can take place at the beginning of May.