Cheater Charged With Murder of New Wife

Michael Roberts, 27, appeared to have a nice life. Young and attractive, he had a managerial job in Phones 4 U and had recently married the beautiful Vicky, 25. Friends say that she was besotted with her husband, and was the kind of girl who lit up the room. However, he did not take his marital commitment seriously; Roberts continued to have affairs throughout the relationship, before and after the wedding. As far as we know, Vicky had been unaware of his infidelity.

After just five months, Vicky allegedly discovered that her husband had been repeatedly unfaithful to her; as a punishment for finding out, Roberts strangled her to death with some kind of ligature. He then wrapped her lifeless body in plastic bags and a duvet and stashed it in their garage. It has been reported that he had sex with one of his lovers the following night. It has been confirmed that during his time working at Phones 4 U, Michael Roberts had an affair with 31 year old Kerrie Hall and 26 year old Karen Wilson. He allegedly dumped Hall to be with Wilson, who he is said to have become “obsessed” with. Just after murdering his wife, he spoke at length on the phone with Ms Wilson but didn’t give anything away about his evil deed.

Calculated Roberts kept up the pretence that his wife was alive by sending texts from her phone, as if all was well. He even called his mother in law to find out what she wanted for Christmas, while her daughter was lying dead in the garage. After a while, Vicky’s father became suspicious of her whereabouts and alerted the Police. On searching the garage in Runcorn, Cheshire, they discovered Vicky’s body. At this point, Roberts went on the run for 4 days; when he was found and arrested, he denied murder and claimed that his wife had died accidentally during a sex game that went wrong. Experts have determined that this was not plausible from the marks on her neck.

Roberts has been sentenced to 17 years in jail for murder; our London escort girls are relieved that this man is no longer a threat to society and young women. On hearing his sentence, Roberts broke down and cried – he is probably devastated that his horrific crime was discovered when he had tried to conceal it.