Cocaine Smuggler is Former Scotland Yard Detective

Today, former Scotland Yard Detective Michael Daly has been served a 22 year jail sentence by Blackfriars Crown Court for masterminding one of the largest cocaine smuggling operations in the world. Daly was already in prison serving an 8 year sentence for a similar type of conspiracy; it has been said that he was “driven by greed”.

Daly had tried to smuggle a stash of cocaine worth £235 million into Southern Ireland along with 50 year old Perry Wharrie, who had been let off his previous life sentence early in 2005. He had already served 17 years for shooting a policeman in the back as he tried to intervene in a bank robbery back in 1988.

A team tried to transport 1,500kgs of cocaine to Southern Ireland from the Caribbean using a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (an RHIB) in July 2007, but due to storms and errors from the team, the cargo of cocaine was spilt into the sea. Amongst their amateurish blunders, they had filled the petrol tank with diesel and loaded the boat to double its working weight. As they tried to load their cargo in Ireland, they faced waves 3 metres high and gale force winds; this caused the RHIB to sink. 62 wrapped bales of quality cocaine were cast into the sea, along with three of the crew members. While two managed to swim to safety, the other had to be rescued by a helicopter.

Sentencing the gang was Judge Henry Blacksell QC; he described the conspiracy as the biggest seizure the UK and Ireland have seen on its borders. The value on the streets would have been huge. Daly was an ex drug squad detective, and the judge reprimanded him for betraying his colleagues. He said that Daly was “well aware of the devastation caused by cocaine dealing and use”.

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Daly had left the Metropolitan police force in the 1990s after a drink driving incident, going on to become a car salesman. He used the knowledge he had gained to run a large drug smuggling enterprise, making him a millionaire.