Cumbria Killer Rampage

The headlines were packed yesterday when news broke of a psycho killer on the loose in Cumbria, North England. This is the biggest gun related tragedy in the UK since Dunblane massacre in 1996. 12 people are dead following a three hour long shooting spree, which police are being criticised for not stopping sooner.

The killer was Derrick Bird, a 52 year old taxi driver. He has no history of violent crime; the reasons for his tragic behaviour are currently being investigated. There was some speculation of a family feud concerning a will, but his family have since dismissed this. Bird’s elderly mother Mary is stunned and does not understand what lead to her son suddenly turning into a maniac.

The victims were a mix of people who Bird knew and complete strangers. The closest victim was his own twin brother, and others included some friends who were fellow taxi drivers. Some had even been on holiday to Thailand with him in the past. There had apparently been a disagreement recently between Bird and these men about them ‘stealing’ his passengers; Bird was upset that he was losing out on some business to other drivers. These killings were planned, with the murderer targeting his rivals and shooting them in the face.

He was seen by many witnesses driving around the local area; some of the people who were shot at managed to escape by ducking or crawling away; several have been seriously injured and are still recovering in hospital. Heart felt tributes are already pouring out to those who were killed, and their friends and family are being consoled.

After finishing off his targeted victims, Bird then proceeded to drive through the beautiful Cumbrian countryside around the lake district, and shot at innocent people he passed along the way. He had his driver window wound down and aimed for the head and face as he aimed fire. There was no pattern relating to age, race or gender – these attacks were completely random. These people had no warning and no reason to expect that there might be a dangerous killer on the loose; their lives were over before they even knew what was happening.

Some of our London escort girls have friends and family in the area around Cumbria, and like the rest of the nation they are shocked and saddened by this terrible news. We will never know what was going through Bird’s head as he went on this rampage; he was found dead shortly after the Police received reports of the gun man.