Is David Cameron Ready to Lead Britain?

As Gordon Brown falls further and further out of favour, the Conservative Party are gearing themselves up to take over from Labour should David Cameron be elected as Britain’s next Prime Minister.

Mr Cameron believes that he is ready to lead our country through the “tough times” ahead; in a conference with his party, he told them that he has the judgement, character and temperament that would be required of Britain’s leader. He is confident that he can lead us through the current economic and social “crisis”, taking us towards a better future.

Politicians have not been very popular over the last week; increased retirement ages, pay freezes and budget rebalancing have all been discussed. However, Cameron went for a more positive tone with his optimistic speech. He talked about how good things could be for our country, and that there are still reasons to believe that things could be better.

Rather than listing the details of his policies, Mr Cameron used this opportunity to describe a Conservative philosophy based on social responsibility and community. He broke away from Margaret Thatcher’s opinion that “there is no such thing as society”, and talked of how Britain’s problems can only be fixed with cooperation between individuals and groups.

The message of his speech was very much focused on working together; he stated that nothing can be achieved if we all pull in different directions and only look out for our own interests. He revealed that former leader of the Tory Party Iain Duncan Smith would be working in his government to oversee the mending of Britain’s “broken society”.

One of his promises was met with mixed reactions; he has pledged to send more British troops to Afghanistan to bring an end to the war more quickly. All of us want the soldiers home as soon as possible, but some are reluctant to send more into the war zone and risk more lives.

Although Labour are incredibly unpopular at the moment, the Conservative Party do not yet have support to guarantee a win in the election. Mr Cameron reassured supporters who were wavering that the Tories are fully ready to govern the country after Labour having been in power for the last 13 years.

Stating that he is under no illusion that this is going to be an easy ride should he be elected as Prime Minister, David Cameron’s speech did a good job of convincing those who were unsure of his abilities before. There are some of our Bond Street escorts who have decided to give the Tory Party their vote!