Escort Exposure Causing a Stir

It’s the thing that everyone’s talking about; after 6 years of anonymity, the real Belle de Jour has revealed her true identity.

Belle de Jour rose to fame following the release of her first novel, ‘Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl’. A very successful blog had preceded this, describing her sexual encounters with clients in graphic detail. It opened up the world of escorting to a whole new demographic and showed that it is not always seedy and grim.

Many people’s opinions on London escorts were changed as they followed Belle de Jour’s story, speculating on whether or not it was all true. The revelations this week confirm that it is genuine: The real Belle de Jour is Doctor Brooke Magnanti, a 34 year old woman who is currently working for the Bristol Initiative for Research of Child Health, otherwise known as BIRCH. She worked as an escort during 2003 and 2004 to make money while she was studying for her PhD in London.

The fact that this escort is an exceptionally intelligent, upper class woman with a nice upbringing has shocked a lot of people, but our Canonbury Escorts know that this is not a rare tale. Although there are devastating sides to the industry such as trafficking, drug abuse and violence, there are also respectable agencies like V London Escorts who represent bright and beautiful women who are making a lifestyle choice that suits them personally.

Dr Magnanti decided to out herself because she feared that an ex lover was about to expose her; the news has been met by mixed reactions from those she knows and loves. She claims to have the full support of her mother, but her estranged father said he was “heartbroken” when he learned the news. Today he confessed that since divorcing Brooke’s mother, he has been with over 150 escorts – and they were not high class escorts like his daughter. Friends are being supportive to Dr Magnanti, but the infamous ‘boy’ in her books is furious that their story has been made public. We know him only as ‘Owen’ in the Armed Forces.

Brooke’s employees are standing behind her, saying that her past lifestyle bears no relevance to her current position. It looks like everything’s going to be all right for London’s most famous call girl.

Belle de Jour has been a popular read amongst young women for this first part of the 21st century. Whether or not people’s perceptions will change towards the adult industry as a whole is as yet unknown – only time will tell.