Fox Attacks Baby Girls

Twin baby girls were injured on Saturday night after being attacked by a savage fox in East London. Foxes have become a problem in the city, but usually only cause a nuisance by rooting through outside bins for food. They are usually very shy creatures and don’t approach people, but as they get more familiar in this environment they are becoming more brave and inquisitive, with several reported cases of foxes entering people’s homes.

The nine month old girls were sleeping in their cots at their home in Stoke Newington when the incident occurred. Due to the hot weather, some patio doors had been left open while their parents, Pauline and Nick Koupparis, watched television downstairs. It is thought that the fox crept in through the doors and made its way upstairs to where the girls were sleeping, but it is unknown why the animal attacked them.

The Koupparis’ dialled 999 upon finding the fox mauling their baby daughters; they chased it from the house and police and ambulance services arrived promptly to attend to the girls. One had suffered wounds to her arm, and the other had facial injuries. Lola and Isabella are now recovering in the Royal London Hospital with their concerned parents at their bedsides.

Hackney environmental health officers have laid traps in the area to try to control the problem; our Stoke Newington escorts are afraid that more incidents like this one could occur, in their own homes or in those of their friends and neighbours. These animals that were once elusive have now become a threat. There are approximately 27 foxes per square mile in built up urban areas, but only a very small number of attacks have been reported. It is still most likely that a fox will flee when confronted; the only time it may become aggressive is if a vixen is protecting her cubs from a potential predator.

At the moment, Isabella is in intensive care and her sister Lola is being cared for on another ward. Both babies are expected to recover, but their parents and their 4 year old brother Max are likely to have been seriously shaken up by the attack. Local residents who are worried about the number of foxes in their neighbourhood have been advised to keep all doors closed, even in hot weather. Windows and fans should be used instead if you are concerned.