Health Secretary Takes Pop at Celebrity Chef

The UK Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has spoken out against the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s campaign for healthy food in schools. It’s difficult to see how children eating more healthily could possibly be a bad thing, but according to Lansley, the new menu in school canteens is deterring children from eating there, with more going outside to eat where they can buy fast food. We have yet to see any kind of statistics for this theory.

Jamie Oliver has spent years building up his reputation, winning the hearts of people of all ages across the nation. Many of our busty escorts have been fans of his since he first came onto our TV screens as ‘The Naked Chef’ – unfortunately for them it wasn’t literally naked. Oliver is known for using real ingredients to make healthy dishes, and in 2005 he launched a TV programme called ‘Jamie’s School Dinners’. Worried about the amount of food with high fat, sugar and salt content served in schools, Oliver campaigned to raise awareness and to change the menus available to children. It was a great success, and won Oliver much acclaim.

Speaking to the British Medical Association, Lansley admitted that Oliver’s intentions were good, but claimed it was not working. He believes that the public do not want to be “lectured” about their eating habits, and accused the chef of doing just that. Oliver has hit back at these comments today, denying that he ever lectured anyone. All he intended to do was inform people about the facts, and give them the option to eat healthily. Even if the amount of children eating school food has dropped slightly, all of the ones who still do are benefiting.

It’s natural that there might be a drop in figures when a big change like this is introduced, but when it becomes normal to see healthy food in school canteens, pupils are likely to take to it much more easily. Many school staff and dinner ladies have already spoken out against Lansley, claiming that there has actually been a rise in the number of students eating school dinners since Jamie’s campaign. Oliver retaliated to Lansley’s comments, and told us “To say school dinners hasn’t worked is not just inaccurate, but is also an insult to the hard work of hundreds of thousands of dinner ladies”.

Until proper research is done and can prove that this is a genuine failure, there is absolutely no reason why healthy food should stop being served in schools.