James Bulger’s Killer Back Behind Bars

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson shocked the world when they brutally murdered a toddler. The boys themselves were just 10 years old – nobody imagined that young children could be capable of such evil. The attack happened in Merseyside; the pair abducted 2 year old James Bulger from a shopping centre and took him down to a railway line where they tortured him with an iron bar and bricks before killing him.

After some children playing found the body of the toddler, Thompson and Venables were taken into custody and sentenced to compulsory life sentences. Usually minors are shown leniency, but this crime was so severe that they boys could not go unpunished. They will both be on licence for the rest of their lives.

Venables was controversially released on parole in 2001; he was given a brand new identity to protect him, much to the anger of the general public. Bulger’s death had not been forgotten, and many wanted vengeance on the murderous boy. The last photos released to the public were of a 10 year old Venables so it’s unlikely that he would be recognisable now, more than a decade later. Our London escorts all hope that they will not encounter the man, whatever his name may be now.

Today, the news has broken that Venables has been taken back into custody for breaching the rules of his parole. The Ministry of Justice are not at liberty to release any other details due to the need for his new identity to remain protected, but the reasons are limited; either Venables has committed a crime, looked as though he was planning to commit a crime or broke the rules of his parole. This could be something trivial such as him coming home after curfew, but the nation will have to draw their own conclusions.

James Bulger’s mother Denise Fergus has spoken out today on Twitter, saying that this is her “son’s justice” – she is glad that one of the killers is back behind bars, where he belongs. Fergus does not know any more details about this breach of Venables’ terms of release than the general public. All the knows is that since last week he has been back in jail. Because the boys were released at the age of 18, they have never before had to spend a day in an adult prison. Now Venables will find out for himself how different this might be.