Jewel Thieves Wore Fake Faces

Earlier this month, around £40 million worth of jewellery was stolen in Britain’s biggest heist. On 6th August, Graff jewellers in New Bond Street was robbed by two smartly dressed men with handguns who took 43 items from the store. Nobody was injured in the robbery, though they did drag one female member of staff outside and fire a gun shot.

The two men were caught on CCTV camera and an appeal was issued for their identities to be revealed. The robbery was very well planned with a blue BMW waiting for their escape.

Today, it has been reported that the men in the CCTV footage were wearing elaborate rubber masks at the time of the robbery, concealing their real faces. A 29 year old make upartist has come forward to reveal that the pair hired him to apply liquid latex to their faces before the heist in Mayfair. The make up artist was lead to believe that he was changing their hair colour and appearance in a £450 transformation for a pop music video.

Forensic experts have since seized many items from the Covent Garden make up studio, including hair brushes, bank notes and gowns that may have been used by the thieves. The police are refusing to comment on this particular line of inquiry.

A 50 year old man was arrested in Ilford yesterday in connection with the robbery; he has been released on bail and is not believed to be one of the two men caught on camera. Several other central London properties have been raided since the CCTV footage of one black man and one white man was released.

Graff jewellers in Mayfair is a very prestigious jewellers and this is not the first time it has been targeted by thieves. Often, London escorts are bought expensive gifts from here by their clients as a token of appreciation for their expert companionship.