London Boy Stabbed in Broad Daylight

A school boy died yesterday after being attacked and stabbed by a gang in Victoria Station. A group of boys in dark blue uniform were seen in broad daylight by both commuters and members of staff; unfortunately there were too many in the gang to be kept under control.

Witnesses have described how a loud, “screaming” argument broke out in broad daylight; apparently the group of teenage boys had been causing trouble at the station over the last week. A shop keeper in Victoria station described how a gang of the same school boys chased a boy into his shop last week and completely trashed the place. The boy had a bloody face and was shouting “help me”, but all of the gang and their victim fled before the police arrived.

Onlookers described the boys to be aged around 15 or 16 years old, in a gang around 15 strong. Today, 20 boys have been arrested in connection with the murder. The victim suffered a cardiac arrest after the stabbing and paramedics were unable to save him; the London Ambulance Service rushed him to hospital, where he died shortly afterwards.

The incident took place at the booking office at the Circle and District line inside Victoria Station. Many of our London escorts commute from this point, but luckily none of the girls were there at the time the stabbing took place. It must have been a terrifying and harrowing sight for all those present. The gang chased the victim into a corner before viciously stabbing him repeatedly, leaving the boy dying in a pool of blood.

The 20 boys arrested are aged between 14 and 17 and were being questioned this morning by the police. The British Transport Police have vowed to step up their efforts to keep the travel network safe for commuters. It has been reported that a huge row broke out the night before amongst a gang matching the same description. Police apparently struggled to keep the situation under control.

The latest victim is the fourth youngster to be murdered this year in London. There has been an issue with gangs and knives for some time, and it’s difficult to know what changes could be made to help the situation. It it unknown what caused the dispute that lead to this murder; perhaps it was a case of racism, or a case of school bullying gone too far. This tragedy will surely deeply affect all who knew the boy.