Man Freed from Jail for Attacking an Intruder

53 year old Munir Hussain has been freed from jail after hitting an intruder over the head with a cricket bat. He was originally given a 30 month sentence, which was reduced to 2 years after a public outcry and suspended. His brother, 35 year old Tokeer, was given a 39 year sentence that has been reduced to 2 years, however he must serve the rest of this sentence.

The men were arrested after attacking a knife gang who broke into their home and held their family hostage. The public campaigned for the men to be freed, and three appeal court judges agreed that this was in fact a case of “true exceptionality”. This was seen as a victory to all those who believe that it is a home owner’s right to protect his family and his property.

The Lord Judge admitted that they had to listen to the “calls of mercy” for the Hussains, and the family of the men have expressed great gratitude at the ruling. Munir and Tokeer Hussain have been described as businessmen and family men at the heart of their local community; they were convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent.

When the incident, Munir arrived home from the Mosque with his wife and family to find masked men in his home. The gang tied up the family and forced them to crawl on their knees; the Hussains feared for their lives. Munir managed to break free from the ties and escape by throwing a table at the intruders; he then chased them from his property with the help of his brother Tokeer. They chased the intruders down the street and managed to capture 56 year old Walid Salem, who was struck on the head with a cricket bat. The blow was so hard that the bat split into 3 pieces, and caused severe injuries to the intruder.

Although the brothers insisted that this act was in self defence, the Judge pointed out that the family was no longer in any danger as the gang had fled the property. This act of violence was seen as revenge, a way to teach the burglar a lesson. It was for this reason that the brothers were convicted. Neither of the Hussains were present at this trial.

It’s always worrying when the lines are blurred for how much force you can use on an intruder; many female London escorts live by themselves and dread events like these happening to them.