Man Questioned Over Prostitute Death

Police are currently holding a 42 year old man to question him about the death of a prostitute in Brighton. He was arrested on suspicion of murder after the prostitute’s strangled body was found in her flat, which had been burned out.

The body belonged to Andrea Waddell, aged 29; fire fighters discovered her inside her flat on Upper Lewes Road, on the first floor of the building. It was just before midnight on Thursday evening.

The suspect, who cannot yet be named, was arrested by Sussex Police on Saturday. They have been granted an extension to continue questioning him about the incident. The inquiry is being lead by Detective Chief Inspector Adam Hibbert; he has appealed to other sex workers in Brighton who might have any information about Ms Waddell’s death.

Andrea’s family have confirmed that she was born as a man, named Alexander John. Andrea begun having mixed feelings about her gender while she was a teenager growing up in Reading and started seeing a psychiatrist. During her studies at the University of Sussex she had the full sex change operation and became ‘Andrea Joanna’. She had already gone through the hormone treatment whilst at durham University studying philosophy, and went on to do a master’s degree in Social and Political thought.

Ms Waddell was close to death following her operation due to developing acute ulcerative colitis. Her family have described how she lived with severe pain, but remained “fiercely independent”. In a statement released by the family, they said they knew that she was “finally free of this pain and at peace”.

Ms Waddell was said to be discreet about her work as a prostitute, but was known to occasionally take men back to the one bedroom flat where she lived alone. She had lived in Brighton for about 5 years and was described as a “sociable girl” who lead a fairly private life. She was not known to drink or take drugs.

Police are unable to reveal what she was strangled with or how the fire was started. Forensic officers are expected to spend several days investigating the scene.

In light of these events, Lancaster Gate escorts escorts and sex workers across London are reminded to be extra vigilant about their safety. It can be dangerous to invite a client into your home, especially if you have no knowledge about them and nobody else knows that they are there.