Matt Lucas Pulls Out of Play

Comedian and actor Matt Lucas, 35, has pulled out of the West End play entitled ‘Prick Up Your Ears’ after hearing the tragic news of his former partner’s death. Lucas married Kevin McGee in 2006 but dissolved their civil partnership 2 years later citing “unreasonable behaviour” from McGee.

The pair had met prior to Lucas’ success with ‘Little Britain’ alongside David Walliams. Yesterday, McGee was found hanged in his Edinburgh flat at the age of 32. They had a lavish wedding ceremony with a Pantomime theme which was well publicised at the time. Lucas had dressed as Aladdin and McGee was Prince Charming. Many high profile people attended the ceremony such as Elton John and Louis Walsh. When they split, the couple issued a statement declaring that the parting was “amicable”.

Lucas, who recently started a new relationship, is said to be “utterly destroyed” at hearing the news. He had been playing the lead role of Kenneth Halliwell in ‘Prick Up Your Ears’; his character was crazed and distraught after murdering his playwright lover Joe Orton. Halliwell also ended up committing suicide. Lucas had intended to play the role at the Comedy Theatre until December 6th, but has now left until further notice to give him time to grieve. The role will now be played by his understudy Michael Chadwick.

Just hours before his suicide, the television producer had updated his Facebook status to “Kevin McGee thinks that death is better than life”. The police have said that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding McGee’s death.

A friend has commented that although their relationship was difficult, Matt Lucas was still very close to McGee and always loved him. He has taken the news very badly and was unavailable for comment.

Many people in the city who were planning to see the London show, perhaps with a Queensway escort as a companion, will now review their plans as the star attraction is missing. Many have sent their condolences to Matt Lucas, as well as the friends and family of Kevin McGee.