Model Murdered, Boyfriend Found Guilty

Birmingham man Ricardo Morrison, 22, has been found guilty of murdering his girlfriend Amy Leigh Barnes.

Morrison was convicted by Manchester crown court for stabbing Amy in Farnworth, near Bolton. She was staying with her grandmother after another row with her boyfriend, of which there were reportedly many throughout their nine month relationship.

Amy was only 19 years old and had a promising career ahead of her as a model. She had worked with Playboy, Nuts and Cosmopolitan magazines, as well as appearing in channel 4’s Hollyoaks. She was found bleeding to death by her father, curled up into the foetal position and lying in a pool of blood. She had been stabbed nine times – with such force that her liver had been perforated.

The trial lasted for three weeks. PC Melda Wilks, Morrison’s 50 year old mother, was found not guilty of assisting an offender; she had allowed Morrison to wash his bloody clothes at her home.

Amy was said to be slipping in and out of consciousness when her father, Andrew Barnes, found her. She had already called the emergency services and told them that she was dying. When asked by the operator who had stabbed her, she replied “my boyfriend”.

Amy suffered such horrific injuries that her face had been disfigured; she had also beed stabbed repeatedly in the chest and the back.

Amy’s mother, Karyn Killiner, received a frantic phone call from her moments before Morisson turned up. Mrs Killiner had suspected that her daughter was in an abusive relationship. Amy had tried to break up with Morrison before, and on the phone call her mother could hear genuine fear in her voice. Mrs Killiner went to collect her daughter, who had been locked in the flat by her boyfriend, as soon as she finished the call. However, she first called Amy’s father and told him to go round immediately.

In the weeks leading up to her death in November 2008, Amy had sent text to friends and ex boyfriends describing the abuse that Morrison was inflicting on her. He allegedly hit Amy, locked her in rooms, held pillows over her face so she couldn’t breathe, sprayed aerosol into her mouth and slammed her arm in a door. He would threaten to kill her and hold a knife to her throat. Andrew Barnes was aware that Morisson was using controlling behaviour and encouraged his daughter to get out of the relationship. Sadly, by the time he went to collect her and remove her from this dangerous situation, it was too late.

Many women are in dangerous situations but are too afraid to speak out. There have been many reported cases of London escorts being beaten by their boyfriends, and it can be difficult to ge tout of an abusive relationship.