Paedo Postman Behind Bars

Paedo Postman Behind Bars

One of the worst paedophiles this country has seen is now locked up in jail following his arrest and trial. Michael Williams, aged 29, will serve 8 and a half years for multiple crimes against children. The scary thing is that most of his victims were groomed in the safety of their own bedrooms while they were on the internet.

Shocking figures show that Williams used social networking sites such as Bebo, Facebook and MSN to groom around 1000 children aged between 10 and 16. He had created a number of fake profiles pretending to be younger girls and boys; on one site, he called himself ‘Gorgeous Charlie’ and used a foreign porn star’s photos on his profile. He used these fake personalities to lure the children into a false sense of security, first just asking them harmless questions, then pushing them to reveal sexual details for his own pleasure. He convinced some young people to perform sexual acts on a webcam, unaware that they were really talking to the perverted Williams. He recorded each session and filed it away on his personal computer.

Another scary fact is that Williams used positions of trust to get close to children; not only was he well known and trusted locally as the postman, but he also offered a taxi service for the school run part time, and acted as secretary for the local football club. He would abuse this trust and spend time with young boys and girls, in some cases luring them into having sex with him. Most of his victims are too afraid to come forward, but police have already identified around 500. Williams threatened them, saying that they would get in trouble if they told anyone the truth.

Williams was finally caught thanks to the braveness of a 15 year old girl who had been lured to the paedophile’s home; seeing disturbing images of child abuse on his computer, she reported him to the police and uncovered one of the worst cases of internet child sex abuse that has ever been seen in Britain.

Our London escorts are sickened by what they have heard about this man and are relieved that he has finally been caught. The media is now reminding parents to be careful; children can no longer be kept safe by staying indoors. Facebook have just spent £5 million on making their networking site a safer place, so hopefully others will follow suit.