Postal Strikes Cause Havoc

Postal workers for the Royal Mail began their 2 day national strike yesterday, with a reported 30 million letters being delayed so far. The figure reflects about 40% of an average post bag being undelivered, which some deem “irresponsible” and “unacceptable”.

The strikers are said to be getting “strong support” of their cause; around 78,000 postal workers have united to bring delivery and collection to a halt.

According to The Communication Workers Union, demonstrators have been gathering around post offices up and down the country, and the public are right behind them. When a poll was taken, the postal workers received twice as much sympathy as the Royal Mail management. The Union has already served notice of more walk outs planned for Thursday next week, involving around 120,000 postal workers.

The rows over pay, jobs and modernisation are currently in deadlock; “unconditional” talks have been offered by the Union with the conciliation service ‘Acas’ in an attempt to resolve matters.

The Guardian Newspaper noticed that Royal Mail was struggling to keep up with demand even in the week prior to the strikes, and decided to do a test to see how effective First Class post was. On Tuesday this week, 500 postcards were sent out to assess how successful the Royal Mail would be at fulfilling their aim of delivering 93% of first class deliveries the next day. However, on Wednesday only 4 of those 500 postcards arrived. That’s just 0.8%. Many arrived on the Thursday, but deliveries then petered out again today showing that the nationwide strike is taking its toll.

Many of the public are concerned about the lack of deliveries, as they are missing out on important information such as bills, and failing to receive items that have been ordered and paid for. One man fears he can not be paid this month because his P45 has not yet arrived. Sales on Amazon are said to have dropped by 50%, with many people choosing not to buy products online in case they are not delivered. South Kensington Escorts are accustomed to shopping on the internet for clothes, but with so many special occasions coming up they are instead choosing to go out into the shops to make their purchases to avoid disappointment.

It is likely that strikes will continue until an agreement is reached between the Unite Union of Royal Mail managers and The Communication Workers Union on behalf of the postal workers.