Sexy Stringfellow’s Stripper Pursues Court Case

A former Stringfellow’s lap-dancer who was earning up to a whopping £200,000 a year is pursuing a high court battle against the famous city businessman Peter Stringfellow. Twenty-nine year old Nadine Quashie, a brunette escort from Greenford London, is currently undergoing a court battle against the notorious businessman, after claiming that she was forced to perform dances for free. Quashie accuses Stringfellow of exploitating her by instructing her to give free performances, taking a high percentage of her earnings and then sacking her without warning. Her battle has been ongoing for three years now and if she wins her case, then she will be the first stripper in England to successfully sue for unfair dismissal.

Stringfellows attracts a wide range of clientele – including many rich businessmen located in the city. Miss Quashie was therefore a high earner during her short stint at Stringfellows – and often took home up to £1,250 a night! She was sacked back in 2008 due to drug related offences – a claim that Quashie strongly denies. However, her high earnings have led some people to feel that she has no real need to sue the company. On top of this, Peter Springfield has stated that he denies all claims that Quashie was forced to work for free, and thoroughly stands by his decision to terminate her contract. He also points out that Quashie’s contract specifically stated that she was self-employed, and therefore her right to tribunal should be restricted. Stringfellow’s lawyer has even gone as far as stating that Quashie claims are based on “lots of little lies” and later insinuated that she is money-hungry.

The story will come as some surprise to the many city men who visit the reputable gentlemen’s club located in Covent Garden . The club even attracts famous clientele, and is a favourite haunt for music mogul Simon Cowell. Having opened as a modest operation back in 1996, the classy nightclub now has live strip performances 7 nights a week. The International company has always managed to maintain a professional reputation – and has two thriving clubs in London, the Covent Garden branch and one in Soho. Both of the nightclubs are often booked out for private celebrity parties over the weekend, and it is currently up for debate as to whether Quashie’s allegations will be damaging to the business.

The final Verdict on whether to reward Quashie compensation will not be announced for weeks, and the court-case looks set to continue well into December. Here at V, our gorgeous London escorts are shocked and saddened by the story – and feel unsure as to its reliability. Some of our girls have previously worked in reputable clubs such as Stringfellows, and therefore have mixed feelings on the trial. One thing that they are all agreed on, is that they feel privileged to currently work for us here at V – because we go out of our way to make sure that all our beauties love their jobs (as happy girls = satisfied customers!)

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