Stephen Gately Dies Unexpectedly

Stephen Gately was one of the 5 men who made up one of the United Kingdom’s most successful boybands. Irish group Boyzone rose to fame in the 1990s and went on to have a string of number one hits. Stephen Gately was somewhat a heart throb, and thousands of young girls were devestated when they learned that he was in fact homosexual. However, the support for the band continued as they had won fans of all ages. Some of our Goodge Street escorts were just teenagers when Boyzone first emerged, and several of them admit to have had crushes on Stephen Gately.

The singer was discovered dead on Saturday some time after 1.30pm. He was on holiday in Majorca with his partner Andy Cowles, staying in a million pound apartment close to Puerto Andratx. At present, the cause of his death is unknown – he was just 33 years old and did not have any health problems that were known of. Spanish police have said that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death; the post mortem will be finished tomorrow and can hopefully shed some light on what caused this tragic incident.

Some have claimed that Gately’s death occurred after an eight hour drinking binge, but his family have rejected these claims. He had been at a gay club called ‘Black Cat’ with his partner Andy and another friend, Giorgio Dochev, who also spent the night at the £1 million apartment. The trio had returned about 4am. Mr Dochev was the first to discover Mr Gately’s lifeless body. He described Stephen as ‘white and cold’, and he was slumped over the sofa on his knees, as if in prayer.

On hearing the news, the other 4 members of Boyzone flew out to Majorca. Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy, Shane Lynch and Mikey Graham gathered at the apartment to console Mr Cowles, then went back to their hotel nearby. They are said to be “completely devastated” at the loss of their close friend, who they call “brother”. It is a public holiday in Spain today, but tomorrow the post mortem can be carried out so that Mr Gately’s body can be released. His family will fly him back to Dublin to be buried, as he would have wanted.

This has not been a good year for celebrity deaths so far; Patrick Swayze recently lost his battle to pancreatic cancer, and Michael Jackson died suddenly on the same day as former Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcett. Hopefully that is all the tragedy we will have in 2009.