Stuart Cable Sent Off in Style

The nation was left in shock earlier this month as former Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable was found dead in his home at the young age of 40, will the cause of death not immediately apparent. It comes as a sad twist, with Cable’s own father having died at the same age, when Stuart was a boy of just 10 years old. The rock star was much loved in his homeland of Wales and across the rest of the UK.

Yesterday, thousands of well wishers poured out into the streets of Aberdare, not far from the drummer’s home town of Llwydcoed where he died. They all gathered to say their last goodbyes, while the funeral procession was lead towards St Elven’s Church. In keeping with tradition, his hearse was drawn by horses. However, the rest of the service did not look set to be conventional in any way; rockers AC/DC were in attendance, along with some Hollywood movie stars, outlaw biker gangs and an all male choir. There was something for everyone on this day that was more to celebrate Cable’s life than to mourn his death.

Cable’s family were all very keen on motorbiking, which explained the presence of the 30 strong gang; also attending was comedian Rob Brydon, Welsh actor Rhys Ifans and fellow Stereophonics band member Kelly Jones. From his vibrant personality, it was clear that Stuart would never have settled for a dull send off.

Our Welsh escorts were sad to see such a great talent wasted, and have been listening to the hits that first made Stereophonics famous, backed by Stuart Cable’s driving rhythms. Even sadder is that he has left behind a young son, Cian, who will no longer be able to spend time with his “mischevious” father.

Cable’s family made it clear that they did not want this day to be a sad occasion; although everyone there was heartbroken, they were reminded to be thankful that Stuart had touched their lives. A close friend of the family gave a moving eulogy, who described Cable as a “rascal” who never really grew up; apparently he was so endearing that he always got away with being the class clown. He sounded like a real character who will be missed by many.

The vibrant funeral gave Stuart Cable the send off he deserved, and did his mother Mabel and his brother Paul proud. He will be remembered by all who knew him, met him or just heard his music with the Stereophonics.