Sunbeds to be Banned for Under 18s

Image is important to so many people. Our Caledonian Road Escorts take great pride in their appearance, and one look that several of them like to achieve is golden brown skin. Despite the wide range of fake tanning products on offer, there are people still opting to use sun beds and solariums to enhance their skin colour, despite the risks.

Usage of sunbeds can lead to skin cancer; recently levels of malignant melanoma have risen, and that is a particularly aggressive form of cancer. It is now 4 times more common than it was in the 1970s. The worrying fact is that increasing numbers of teenagers and young people have been using sunbeds, regardless of being advised to avoid them. The government have decided to take matters into their own hands ban the use of sunbeds for under 18s. It is hoped that this will dramatically reduce this group from developing skin cancer.

Scotland has already enforced this law, but England want to follow suit; Wales are said to have made a firm commitment. Previous attempts to encourage sun bed salons to refuse admittance to under 18s failed; it had been hoped that voluntary action would make a change, but the nation chose to ignore the warnings. The Department of Health are currently looking into how they can introduce the ban.

Information released in the British Medical Journal today revealed that an estimated 250,000+ young people aged 11 to 17 use sun beds – and that’s just in England. In some areas, half of all the girls between 15 and 17 opt for this method of tanning and put themselves. The groups found most likely to tan artificially were girls, those living in the North of England and children from deprived communities (either gender).

Rates of malignant melanoma are rising 4 times faster than any other kind of cancer, with more and more cases arising in under 35s. More than 2000 people currently die from this particular disease per year.

Some of the most dangerous sunbeds are coin operated and have no staff monitoring them; teenagers have suffered horrific burns by visiting these. Comparisons have been drawn to children smoking cigarettes – both these and sunbeds are known causes of cancer, so why is one allowed and another banned? Preventing under 18s from using sunbeds could cut cancer rates and avoid those children from potentially developing malignant melanoma in later life.