Tottenham Chaos Spreads

Londoners everywhere have been utterly shocked by the recent spread of destruction and disorder across our normally peaceful city. Many residents living near or in Tottenham, have been staying out the way or in another part of London, in order to shield themselves from the unruly behaviour. With all of us wanting to avoid the onslaught, our London call girls have found themselves in high-demand, with men all over the city spending time in the safety of their own homes.

Last night, a second episode of violence broke out across Tottenham, in North London, famous for it’s Premier league football club, Tottenham Hotspur. In some of the worst riots that Britain has seen for years, police declared that over 100 arrests took place across the capital last night, during the chaotic rampage. Over the weekend, the streets of Tottenham were ablaze as groups set fire to police cars, and a double-decker bus. As well as this, a jewellery store, fast-food outlet and a supermarket were all targeted as hundred of teenagers gathered to break windows and commit crimes of arson. The chaos has led to many looting attacks upon various shops in the city, with thousands of pounds worth of electrical good being stolen.

Unfortunately the violence seems to have spread further, in “copy-cat” attacks also occurring in Enfield and Brixton, where the Footlocker outlet was raided and then set alight by teenagers. Last night there were also reports of incidents in Walthamstow and Islington – North London, and some clashes with police in both Elephant and Castle and Shepherds Bush. Around 26 police officers have been injured and eight taken to hospital in the clashes after petrol bombs, bricks and glass bottles were thrown at them. One police officer was even speared in the stomach with a metal scaffolding pole, causing serious internal injuries.

The violence is said to have begun due to police shooting dead 29 year old father of four, Mark Duggan. The Tottenham resident, known as “Starrish Mark”, who was allegedly a gang member, was said to have been shot dead, after first firing at policemen. However, initial scientific tests have revealed that the bullet lodged in a police radio, was a force-issue bullet, proving that Duggan had not actually shot at police officers. The murder is said to have left many locals fuming, many of which knew Duggan.

The spread of attacks was fuelled further by the use of social networking sites, with some twitter members caught up in the violence, sending messages urging others to: “Roll up and loot.” The anger towards police and the general disrespectful attitude, are not helped by our current troubling economic situation. With a lack of employment in the capital, and recent government spending cuts, some of the poorest members of our city are really feeling the strain. Without justifying the brutality, this incident between the police and Duggan is likely to have been the final straw. Mark Duggan’s brother last night said that he did not condone the violence, and that he felt it was unacceptable for angry rioters to link their brutal behaviour to his brother’s death.

London major, Boris Johnson who is currently enjoying a holiday, insisted last night that he would not be coming home early. Despite many calls for him to return to Britain, Johnson claimed that he had total trust in the police force to deal with the situation themselves. Former deputy-prime minister John Prescott said that he felt that Johnson’s decision to stay on holiday was “unbelievable”, given the circumstances.

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