TV Presenter Admits to Killing Lover

If you’re going to confess your deepest, darkest secret, you wouldn’t usually choose a national television broadcast to reveal it on. However, this is what 70 year old Ray Gosling did on the BBC’s ‘Inside Out’ programme.

Gosling described how he had a younger lover who contracted AIDS and became very ill. He was dying and in terrible pain; the TV presenter told viewers that they had made a mutual pact to end the young man’s life if the pain got any worse. When it became unbearable, Gosling took the brave step to end his lover’s life with his consent by smothering him with a pillow.

Euthanasia, otherwise known as ‘mercy killing’ or ‘assisted suicide’, is illegal in the UK. The terminally ill have been known to travel to Switzerland to receive voluntary euthanasia; there it is lawful to administer drugs to induce a painless death. It is speculated that doctors, family and patients secretly take part in euthanasia for the terminally ill to be merciful, but there are grave consequences for those who do because in the eye of the law it is no different to murder.

Inside Out was filmed back in December 2009, but the BBC did not disclose the information that had been revealed to the police, claiming that they had no obligation to do so. However, they have agreed to cooperate fully now that the police have announced that they will be launching a full inquiry into the case.

Mr Gosling did not disclose the name of his dying lover, but spoke about how he smothered him with a pillow whilst in hospital. The doctors could do nothing more to improve his quality of life, so Gosling went ahead with what they had agreed. However, there is no apparent proof that this was in fact assisted suicide – anti euthanasia groups are claiming that this could be a murder case.

Some of our London escorts saw the programme on the topic of dying when it was aired yesterday; it seems that nobody knew the shocking truth until then. The incident itself happened decades ago, but if prosecuted Gosling could face up to 14 years in jail; at this age, it could well be the rest of his life.

Euthanasia remains a highly debated topic, with groups passionately for and against the cause. For now, the debate will continue.